Quaxman goes to a wedding


donald daisy

I’m an old romantic, not too many ducks know that, it’s something I like to keep under my hat. I recently went to my cousin’s wedding, and oh what a time we had. The ceremony was wonderful, the food a joy, and the evening reception messy, a perfect day. I have so many memories, and not all blurry ones, that will make me smile for years to come.

Just the other night I was having a paddle in my bath when my eye was caught by my wedding duck, oh how the sight of it made me laugh. Every time I look at Mr or Mrs Duck I remember my cousin’s wedding and the great time we had.

I have been to weddings before and had party favours, but nothing like this. It got me thinking about the process my cousin went through to get such a novel gift, and as any reporter would, I started to investigate.

I rang Just Ducks, the number one UK supplier of Rubber Ducks and spoke with a really helpful lady, here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Me: So how long do I need to allow for my logo to be printed onto the duck of my choice?JD: Up to 10 working days

Me: Can I have a mixture of ducks or do they all have to be the same?
JD: You can pick from any of our stock ducks, like pick and mix.

Me: Is there a minimum order quantity?
JD: 150

Me: What if I don’t have a logo to print on?
JD: We have in-house designers that can come up with a logo for your special day, or you can simply have your names, the date and the venue printed, in any font you like.

Me: Can I have any colour print?
JD: Yes any colour you please, however we would advice you if you are looking at a colour we know won’t show up too well. We don’t want any unsatisfied customers so we can offer words of wisdom and hold your hand (wing) throughout the process.

Me: How many different ducks do you stock?
JD: Hundreds, its probably best if you check our website; justducks.co.uk

Me: How do I get in touch?
JD: email sales@justducks.co.uk, call 020 3203 0373
We chatted some more, but basically what I found out was that my cousin wasn’t the party favour genius I thought he was, it’s really straightforward getting personalised ducks delivered direct to your nest.

And, for any Ducksters getting married soon, may I offer you my very best wishes for your future together, much love Jeremy xx

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