Quaxman goes to a wedding


donald daisy

I’m an old romantic, not too many ducks know that, it’s something I like to keep under my hat. I recently went to my cousin’s wedding, and oh what a time we had. The ceremony was wonderful, the food a joy, and the evening reception messy, a perfect day. I have so many memories, and not all blurry ones, that will make me smile for years to come.

Just the other night I was having a paddle in my bath when my eye was caught by my wedding duck, oh how the sight of it made me laugh. Every time I look at Mr or Mrs Duck I remember my cousin’s wedding and the great time we had.

I have been to weddings before and had party favours, but nothing like this. It got me thinking about the process my cousin went through to get such a novel gift, and as any reporter would, I started to investigate.

I rang Just Ducks, the number one UK supplier of Rubber Ducks and spoke with a really helpful lady, here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Me: So how long do I need to allow for my logo to be printed onto the duck of my choice?JD: Up to 10 working days

Me: Can I have a mixture of ducks or do they all have to be the same?
JD: You can pick from any of our stock ducks, like pick and mix.

Me: Is there a minimum order quantity?
JD: 150

Me: What if I don’t have a logo to print on?
JD: We have in-house designers that can come up with a logo for your special day, or you can simply have your names, the date and the venue printed, in any font you like.

Me: Can I have any colour print?
JD: Yes any colour you please, however we would advice you if you are looking at a colour we know won’t show up too well. We don’t want any unsatisfied customers so we can offer words of wisdom and hold your hand (wing) throughout the process.

Me: How many different ducks do you stock?
JD: Hundreds, its probably best if you check our website; justducks.co.uk

Me: How do I get in touch?
JD: email sales@justducks.co.uk, call 020 3203 0373
We chatted some more, but basically what I found out was that my cousin wasn’t the party favour genius I thought he was, it’s really straightforward getting personalised ducks delivered direct to your nest.

And, for any Ducksters getting married soon, may I offer you my very best wishes for your future together, much love Jeremy xx

wedding ducks

Showjumping at Norton Heath

JustDucks are pleased to announce we are sponsoring a series of Showjumping Events at Norton Heath Equestrian Centre, Blackmore, Essex.

The winners of each class will receive a rosette and of course a rubber duck.

To become the overall JustDucks Champion 2016, riders need to win as many classes as possible, and of course as many rubber ducks. With classes for all ages and heights, there’s plenty of chances to win and just as many ducks to choose from.

These events promise to be a great family day out, so come along and go feathers for fetlocks!

Fixtures List

Foll0w Norton Heath on Facebook to see all the incredible pictures and to keep up to date with events.


Ghost hunting with Most Haunted

Karl MH

I’m quite a brave duck when I need to be, after all, a roving duck reporter needs to have a certain amount of courage!

When I was asked to go ghost hunting at Middleton Hall in Tamworth with Yvette, Karl & Stewart from TV’s Most Haunted, I knew it was one of those stories I had to accept. I don’t mind admitting I was a bit scared and was not ghoulish enough to go alone, so I asked my duck buddies, Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton to investigate with me.

Ghost hunters in the car copy

The journey felt as long as a migration, but that was possibly down to my nerves and Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton’s excitement who claimed they “hadn’t been as ready for a night out since Halloween”. I need not have worried (yet), the team that welcomed us were warm and friendly and put my yellow feathers at ease.

It was an eventful night with lots of spooky activity.  Some of my fellow ghost hunters tried out the Ouija board with lots of success: banging in reply to questions, an unexplained dark shadow, the door locking from inside a room TWICE, whispering in ears and much more. It was enough to ruffle even the sturdiest of feathers.

There was a particularly active room that a hunter had seen a ghost go into earlier in the week which I was keen to investigate as any right feathered reporter would. I know if anyone can crack a mystery it’s me! However, on this occasion what occurred defied explanation and surprised me so much that even I forgot to snap any photos. Needless to say we left and I have marked this one as an ongoing investigation.

Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton claimed they had the best night ever and stayed up until dawn. Me, I went to bed and slept remarkably well – it must have been the feathered mattress, coupled with the fact that I was exhausted from all that nervous energy, but don’t tell my buddies that, sssshhh we’ll call that our secret.

Most Haunted ghost

Duck & Cover – Meet Jeremy Quaxman


jezza quackman side view

I’m sitting in a swanky London hotel waiting for Jeremy Quaxman to arrive. I don’t have to wait long before there’s a commotion in the rotating doors and a few yellow feathers arrive, just before the great newshound himself. His trademark hat is pulled down low over his beady eyes as he tries (and fails) to enter the foyer quietly without anyone noticing him. He orders himself a Grey Goose & Tonic and a Quack Monsieur and settles for our interview:

Q. Firstly Jeremy, what are your plans for Christmas?

A. I’m lucky enough to have friends and cousins who live in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels. I’m hoping for an invite to one of them, preferable somewhere hot, a private island even.

Q. Is it true that you regularly hobnob with the rich and famous?

A. Yes, I have many Celebriduck pals and they get me into all the best places.

Q. Where was the last place you ate out?

A. The Dog and Duck, my Nan’s pub in East London. The best bit is that I don’t have to pay the bill (sound of Jeremy laughing) – get it? Did you see what I did there?

“Yes Jeremy you are hilarious.” Pause while Jeremy composes himself.

Q. What is your favourite sport?

A. Duck racing of course! It’s a real quacking sport and should be an Olympic event! In my racing days I raced like the quackers, even with my short legs!

Q. Who is your favourite athlete?

A. Zola Bud Duck from back in the day but now it would have to be David Peck’em.

Q. What is your ambition while you are working on Just Ducks ‘Proper Gander’ newsletter?

A. To spread a little happiness to all those duck fans out there, I know there’s plenty of you. If any of you have a story you think I might be interested in, please drop me an email and I’ll get onto it. newsdesk@justducks.co.uk 

“Thank you Jeremy and good luck with your new job.”

Jeremy searches for the hat he’s been sitting on during the interview before waddling off to find his next scoop.

Bonnyrigg Midwinter Duck Race

This is a rubber duck runaround worth seeing: the Bonnyrigg Midwinter Duck Race.

It’s a long established event (this is the sixteenth race), and it takes place at Pittendreich Burn, Bonnyrigg on 31 January 2016 at 2pm. This year’s race is sponsored by Greenbelt, the open space specialists.

As usual, a celebrity will start the race. This year it’s hoped Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, Scottish rugby star, who will be in attendance.

jamie andrew

Last year it was Jamie Andrew, world-renowned mountaineer (pictured above), blowing the traditional vuvuzela to signal the ducks jumping off the upper pedestrian bridge.

The race raises funds for two excellent charities: Children 1st and Scottish Huntington’s Association. There will be prizes too, making this an excellent event for the whole family, as this lovely video shows: