Ghost hunting with Most Haunted

Karl MH

I’m quite a brave duck when I need to be, after all, a roving duck reporter needs to have a certain amount of courage!

When I was asked to go ghost hunting at Middleton Hall in Tamworth with Yvette, Karl & Stewart from TV’s Most Haunted, I knew it was one of those stories I had to accept. I don’t mind admitting I was a bit scared and was not ghoulish enough to go alone, so I asked my duck buddies, Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton to investigate with me.

Ghost hunters in the car copy

The journey felt as long as a migration, but that was possibly down to my nerves and Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton’s excitement who claimed they “hadn’t been as ready for a night out since Halloween”. I need not have worried (yet), the team that welcomed us were warm and friendly and put my yellow feathers at ease.

It was an eventful night with lots of spooky activity.  Some of my fellow ghost hunters tried out the Ouija board with lots of success: banging in reply to questions, an unexplained dark shadow, the door locking from inside a room TWICE, whispering in ears and much more. It was enough to ruffle even the sturdiest of feathers.

There was a particularly active room that a hunter had seen a ghost go into earlier in the week which I was keen to investigate as any right feathered reporter would. I know if anyone can crack a mystery it’s me! However, on this occasion what occurred defied explanation and surprised me so much that even I forgot to snap any photos. Needless to say we left and I have marked this one as an ongoing investigation.

Grim Reaper, Ghost and Skeleton claimed they had the best night ever and stayed up until dawn. Me, I went to bed and slept remarkably well – it must have been the feathered mattress, coupled with the fact that I was exhausted from all that nervous energy, but don’t tell my buddies that, sssshhh we’ll call that our secret.

Most Haunted ghost